Rotomaid 200 Egg Washer (Complete)


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This simple egg washing machine is suitable for up to two hundred chicken eggs. To operate this machine, simply fill the supplied bucket with water and turn on the heating element, which will quickly reach the preset temperature as controlled by the inbuilt thermostat. Once the water in the bucket has reached the preset temperature, pour in a measure of liquid egg wash detergent, which will mix to create an efficient and hygienic egg cleaning solution. Collect your eggs and place them in the supplied white rubberized basket, then lower that basket into the solution. Once the base unit is switched on, the gentle movement of water will quickly clean the egg shells, giving them a crisp and hygienic appearance. We supply a variety of spares for this item, including bucket units, baskets and heat elements, as well as technical spares such as base motors and gearboxes, bucket circuit boards and ball bearings. The rotomaid 100 can, as its name suggests, clean up to one hundred eggs. We also supply a larger bucket for the same base which will clean two hundred eggs, as well as a variety of spares for that item.
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