Nova Comet 20 -300mbar Adjustable Regulator


Product Description

BP1813 Propane regulators have variable outlet pressures and are mainly used as single bottle regulators or as a second stage to a High Pressure Changeover Valve.

Ideal for use in agricultural applications such as game and poultry rearing, plus industrial or craft such as air heaters. This regulator can also be used in specific installations with Natural Gas, SNG, air, Nitrogen and other non aggressive gases.

Maximum capacity 4kg/h (55kW/h)


  • Quality regulators, manufactured in Europe, adjustable, with Robust design features for demanding locations
  • Reliable industry leading product
  • Indexed position of hand wheel pressure control for accurate setting
  • Filter on the inlet when fitted to Cylinder valve


Inlet Connection
UK POL 5/8 LH Male NUT Propane

Outlet Connection 10mm Fulham Hose Nozzle

Inlet Pressure 1 – 16bar

Outlet Pressure 20-300mbar

Flow Rate (LPG) 4kg/h

Flow Rate (LPG) 55kW