Lanxess Biolink BioClean Aqua


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BioClean Aqua can be used on all surfaces that are resistant to oxidising products. It cleans storage tanks, pipe systems, nipples, cups etc, quickly, easily and safely, with a minimum of labour and cost. BioClean Aqua can be dosed continuously to sanitise animal drinking water.

Key points

  • Removes and prevents organic deposits
  • Removes bio-film
  • Fast-acting & bio-degradable
  • Does not harm concrete, ceramics, coatings and joints

General properties

BioClean Aqua is a blend of hydrogen peroxide, conditioning additives and stabilisers specially formulated for the treatment of drinking water installations. It can be used with or without animals present and can also be used to condition the drinking water.

Instructions for use

For cleaning water systems after de-population, use at a rate of 1:100 up to 3:100 depending on the degree of contamination. To condition drinking water throughout the crop, use at a rate of 1:10,000 twice weekly.

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