Hotline Hobby Battery Electric Fence Energiser


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The Hotline Hobby 12V Electric Fence Energiser is a very flexible all-around unit.
Good for general farm use, horse fencing, cattle, sheep, protecting pheasant and poultry pens.

This energiser will power up to 5 sheep nets or 2 poultry nets, or up to 6 km of wire or tape.

The Hobby is powered by a 12V rechargeable leisure battery, which we would always advise you use in preference to a car battery.
A 12V 85 amp/hr Leisure Battery would last for approx 6 weeks between charges, depending on use.

This unit has its own metal stand which is used as an earth stake.

The LED will flash green when the unit is working correctly but will change to red when the battery requires re-charging.
A buzzer will sound if the battery terminals are connected incorrectly.

This single output, mid-power energiser is suitable for up to 6 km fences.

This energiser has a great power balance and excellent battery life.


Performance Figures:
Power Supply: 12V Leisure type battery
Stored Joules: 0.6 joules
Max Output volts: 12KV
Max Output Joules: 0.57J
Max Recommended Distance: 6.0km
Approx battery life on one charge: up to 6 weeks
Battery and Live/Earth leads Included