Cluson Clulite CLUB-SP Clu-Briter LED Spotlight


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Light the way with ease with the Clu-Briter Sport Torch from Clulite. Luminas SST-40W LEDs allow for up to 50,000 hours of light source, and can be operated for an impressive 3 hour duration on high beam and 15 hours on low so you know it's got you covered. Measuring at 1300 lumens the beam covers 750 metres and features high, low and strobe settings. At only 560g it's lightweight to carry with you on the go and the one handed trigger operation is easy to use as well as providing comfortable grip for easy handling. A high impact case, rubberised handle and shock absorbing rim provide peace of mind that your torch will be able to withstand any heavy duty work or unavoidable accidents without sustaining damage. A handy LED indicator allows you to view your torches' battery capacity and charging status so you know when you're running low and IPX4 splash proof and shockproof technology provide an added element of protection. Fitted with a rechargeable Li-ion battery, this torch comes complete with a wrist strap as well as mains, USB and vehicle chargers.