BEC Tripod Drinker 30 Litre


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Manufactured using UV stabilised polypropylene and polyethylene these drinkers are designed to cope with the toughest conditions on shoots and poultry farms across the globe

With a solid tripod base, the body is light but durable with a heavy duty carrying handle that is designed to cope with the loads encountered when filling and moving the body

They have a high capacity water pan, easily accessible to various kinds of birds including all sizes of poultry, game birds, ducks, geese and turkeys

The water barrels on the BEC Tripod drinkers are made of translucent plastic so you can easily see the level of the water as you fill it and when you check to ensure your birds are never without water in the field

Filling the unit is done through the top of the tank – while the filling is taking place the spigot is sealed by a rubber key style bung. Once you place the tank onto the tripod you remove the bung, slacken of the carrying handle and let the pan fill – once it covers the outlet pipe you tighten up the carrying handle creating a vacuum that controls the release of water as your birds drink

The BEC Tripod drinkers are stable and operate on uneven ground, although it is always best to try and keep them on a level surface!